Barwicki Investor Relations

Honesty, Integrity & Responsibility

The Founder, Andrew Barwicki with 28+ years of Wall Street and Investor Relations experience, is the investor relations person handling the IR work... not a junior person with little-to-no experience.

We Implement and maintain a PROACTIVE investor relations program.

Road Shows (Dog-n-Pony). We handle all aspects.

In-Person & Virtual Events - Shareholder Meetings and Broker & Institutional Presentations, We handle all aspects.

We consider, analyze and recommend an investor relations program that best fits a company's needs; targeting institutional investors and/or retail investors and/or brokers and/or family offices.

Initial Public Offerings and Secondary Offerings.

Attaining Compliance for NASDAQ & NYSE Listing; (1) New Issues, (2) Regaining Compliance, (3) Uplisting from OTC, (4) Dual Listing from Toronto, London and Australian Stock Exchanges and (5) SPAC's & Reverse Mergers.

Long Term Representation and Short Team Projects


Regardless of the situation, Andrew Barwicki has the experience to navigate through any situtation with a positive end result for shareholders, management and the company.


Our contacts include writers, reporters, journalists and editors at The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Financial Times, Investors Business Daily AND media outlets including, but not limited to CNBC, FOX, CNN and regional outlets.


Answering investor calls, replying to investor emails ASAP, providing current & prospective investors with factual information.