Barwicki Investor Relations

Honesty, Integrity & Responsibility

Barwicki's team of IR professionals draw from 'Wall Street' banking & finance, trading & execution and media backgrounds.

Barwicki Investor Relations was founded by Andrew Barwicki in 2006 for the purpose of representing pubicly traded companies to the investment community.
Andrew Barwicki has a deep knowledge of investor relations, public relations, initial public offerings, secondary offerings, reverse mergers, crisis communications and S.E.C. & FINRA rules, laws and policies and procedures as related to public companies and soon to be public companies.

Prior to founding Barwicki Investor Relations, Andrew Barwicki was Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Nu Horizons Electronics Corp (Nasdaq: NUHC). As the sole individual in the IR department, Andrew handled all aspects of investor relations and corporate communications. The proactive investor relations program implemented and maintained by Andrew increased shareholder value by 88% and market cap by 110% within 3-years. Road Shows and Individual Conference Calls resulted in 27 new institutional investors with a 2%+ initial investment position and increased institutional ownership and broker dealer involvement. Institutional ownership increased to 72% from 44% and trading volume multiplied 6-fold within a 3-year period.
NUHC was acquired by Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW).

Prior to NUHC, Andrew was Director of Operations at Miramax Films, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) . Andrew served as a marketing consultant to the investment banking division at Merrill Lynch, handling the marketing of IPO's and Secondary Offerings. Andrew began his career as a sales rep at Coca Cola, eventually being promoted to District Manager, Director of Marketing, Investor Relations Assistant and eventually to Asst V.P. of Investor Relations.

Complementing his professional career, Andrew is married with 2 children. Andrew served as President of the Island Park Little League from 2009 - 2013 and spearheaded a fundraiser for 9 little leagues within a Long Island District that lost their baseball & softball equipment due to Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, Andrew was a Member of the Board of Directors at Pitch In For Baseball, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing baseball equipment to poverty stricken towns and little leagues that have experienced a disaster; hurricane, tornado, etc., as well as donating equipment and educating children in third world Countries around the globe that do not know about baseball or have the resources to play baseball due to poverty.

Andrew coached both of his boys over a 12-year period in baseball, basketball and football. Andrew retired as a coach in February 2019.

Danielle White, Database Management
Danielle continuously adds to our databases from online tools such as institutional investors websites, SEC Filings, investment conferences and cold calls. We build relationships with the investment community, one at a time, so there is a history and an understanding of each contact - it's not just a name in the database.

Joe Cileski, Marketing
Joe handles the printing and mailing of client Fact Sheets. Barwicki Investor Relations mails a FACT SHEET for each client monthly. A Fact Sheet is a 4-page information document, similar to a Newsletter, that is mailed to investors every month.
Our partnership with our printers and the US Post Office is paramount in our investor relations and corporate communications strategy.