Barwicki Investor Relations

Honesty, Integrity & Responsibility

COMPANY FACT SHEET <> Hard Copies Mailed Monthly
The Fact Sheet is 4-pages, similar to a newsletter / pamphlet.
The Fact Sheet is updated, printed and mailed via US Post Office to investors directly.

Nasdaq: CLDX
There are 13,000+ public companies traded on the U.S. Markets; NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC.
Investors; Retail & Institutional and Brokers & Analysts, have limited time when seeking a new public company. Most public companies go overlooked by the investment community. Then, due to poor information flow and fragmented information sources, investors are not aware of most public companies.

Delivered by the US Post Office directly to investors, brokers & analysts.
The FACT SHEET introduces a public company to investors by providing information; company profile, trading symbol, recent press releases, new deals, company/management accomplishments, financial announcements, list of upcoming events, new product/service launches, among other relevant information.

  • Attracts New Investors With Each Mailing
  • Increases Liquidity
  • Expands the Shareholder Base
  • Stock Trades at a Higher Multiple After Each Mailing
  • Direct Marketing & Exposure Among Research Analysts (Buy and Sell Side)
  • Direct Marketing & Exposure Among Business Journalists, Writers, Reporters & Editors
  • Enhances the Company Reputation & Credibility in the Financial Community by Providing FACTUAL INFORMATIOn (not hype)
  • Enhances Sell Side Transactions: Added Liquidity for Large Shareholders that are selling stock
  • Added Prestige with Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Business Executives
  • A Legitimate and Far-Reaching Investor Relations Marketing Campaign
  • Dissemination is in Accordance with all SEC, FINRA, FCC & FTC rules & laws
  • Tangible Document - On Average, Each Individual Fact Sheet is read by 4 people
  • Target Marketing - Competitors Institutional Investors
  • Regain Compliance for Minimum Stock Price

    THE FACT SHEET ADVANTAGE, as compared to press releases, research report & cold calling
  • Press Releases are typically read by people that are already following a public company. A press release very rarely attracts NEW investors due to 2,200+ press releases being issued daily.
  • Research Reports - Hiring an Analyst to write a research report is potentially a conflict of interest. Public companies and the firms preparing the research report can be held liable for information included in a report; Target Price, Strong Buy Recommendation, etc.
  • Cold Calling - No one appreciates a cold call. The Government DO NOT CALL REGISTRY does not allow for cold calling retail investors.
  • 73,000 Institutional Investors (money, fund and portfolio managers)
  • 84,500 StockBrokers
  • 178,700 Retail Investors (individual investors)
  • 17,300 Board of Directors, NYSE, Nasdaq & OTC companies