I utilize an investor awareness campaign that introduces your company to 1,200 institutional & individual investors each month.


In the middle, small and micro-cap markets, as well as emerging, growth, and new-to-market - companies go overlooked by investors for one simple reason: no one knows about the public company.

- Investors, institutional & individual investors alike, find it nearly impossible to know where to best spend their limited time when seeking information regarding a small company.

- Then, due to poor information flow and fragmented information sources, investors are forced to spend many hours learning about each public company.

- The Result – Investors do not take the time to research a small company. Companies suffer from low liquidity, a limited shareholder base, and in many cases a sub-par market valuation.

Delivered to 1,200 investors every month> institutional investors and/or stock brokers and/or individual investors
The Fact Sheet is a 4-page pamphlet that introduces your company to investors by providing information; company profile, trading symbol, new deals, company/management accomplishments, financial announcements, list of event schedules, analyst reports, new product/service launches, press releases, among other relevant information.




  • Attracts New Investors: Increases the Shareholder Base
  • Increases the Trading Volume and Adds Liquidity
  • Stock Trades at a Higher Multiple
  • Initiates the Possibility of Coverage from Research Analysts & Investment Firms (Buy & Sell Side)
  • Provides Greater Access to Capital Markets (PIPE’s, Equity Offerings, etc.)
  • Increases the Visibility Among Business Media and Journalists
  • Enhances the Company’s Reputation & Credibility in the Financial Community by providing factual information
  • Enhances Sell-Side Transactions: More liquidity for founders, senior executives and initial investors
  • Added Prestige with Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Business Executives
  • The most legitimate and far-reaching investor relations / investor awareness marketing campaign
  • A tangible product (reading material) that provides information about a public company
  • Dissemination is in accordance with all SEC, FCC and FTC policies and procedures
  • Target Marketing - The distribution of the Fact Sheet is delivered to real investors
  • All copies are delivered by the United States Post Office. Receipts are provided to you.

The FACT SHEET Advantage…
as compared to press releases, having a research report written, sending emails and/or fax:

Ø                     Press Releases – are typically read by people that are already following a company. A press release does not typically attract new investors. With approximately 6,000+ press releases being issued daily, a public company does not get the exposure necessary to attract new investors.

Ø                     Research Report – Hiring an analyst to write a research report is potentially a conflict of interest. Public companies and the firm writing the research report can be liable for disseminated information. The distribution of a research report is minimal (if any) and most investors do not utilize a research report for investment considerations.

Ø                     Emails – SPAM. Most promotional emails consisting of ‘investment related materials’ are considered pump-and-dumps. Most are deleted and forwarded to the SEC and/or the FCC for scrutiny.

Ø                     FAX – Illegal in many states. No real target audience, just a fax number. Most faxes get thrown in trash.


o       Institutional Investors DO NOT appreciate cold calls or emails.
They have extremely busy days, within this framework, they prefer to receive information via mail.

o       Individual Investors may be signed-up on the US Government’s DO NOT CALL LIST.

DISTRIBUTION / MAILING of Fact Sheet - I have a database of 219,000+ investors

Ø      I have a database of 73,000+ institutional investors (money, fund & portfolio managers, chief investment officers, venture capitalists, financial analysts, broker-dealers/stock brokers, investment bankers and market makers). 
This is a proprietary database that I began in 1992 and has never been purchased, sold or traded.


Ø      I have a database of 92,000 stockbrokers / financial advisors. Database is purchased and updated from FINRA.


Ø      I have a database of 54,000+ individual investors. My database consists of seventeen NOBO lists (shareholder lists).

The databases are updated daily and are used for the mailing of the FACT SHEET.


A FACT SHEET will be prepared, updated and mailed to 1,000 investors each month for your company.

I write/update the FACT SHEET each month and submit it to you for review/changes or you can provide me with the contents.
Upon your approval, 1,200 copies are printed, labeled and mailed (US Post Office) to investors.